School structure:

The purpose of the Buddha Dhamma School International is to help an interested person to learn Buddhism from the beginning, essentially by reading the recommended books and consulting a Buddhist Counsellor when necessary. The author is familiar with Theravada Buddhism; his knowledge of Mahayana Buddhism is limited. However, the text of the books does not attempt at raising the profile of any single tradition of Buddhism.

The first 12 books are aimed at students in the primary and secondary schools in the school systems of most English-speaking countries. Any level study after the secondary level is called post-secondary. Material suited to individuals is covered in the self-development level.

Adults will find it useful to read from the grade 1 book upwards though they might think these are too simple. Looking at these closely, the material is not that simple. The material might be easy to understand. This is suggested irrespective of whether the reader is a Buddhist or otherwise. It will also equip them to becomes teachers, or Buddhist Counsellors in the future.

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